Are you looking to make a lifestyle change?

Coach Kimmy provides premium physical training for all levels of experience. I will give you the tools AND knowledge that you need to get fit, stay healthy, and eat cleaner! Life is too short to not treat your body right – let’s work together on the lifestyle change that is right for YOU!

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“I’ve worked with Kimmy for eight years and am still challenged in every session. Kimmy has worked with me to tone—giving me a customized written template for the ongoing fitness goals that we set up. During our sessions, she changes up the workout so it’s always refreshing and never repetitive.

Kimmy is very observant and knows the exact levels to challenge me. As someone in my early fifties, she adjusts our sessions to accommodate my sensitive knees. In addition, Kimmy provides me with a regularly updated healthy lifestyle meal plan—high in protein—that’s resulted in a healthier weight and better sleep. Because of Coach Kimmy’s fitness and nutritional expertise— (she modifies for some of my food allergies), and her positive and encouraging coaching, I owe my healthy lifestyle changes to Kimmy.”  

– Marie, 52 – Chicago